Best Shelter for Your Pet – Burrow Blanket

Bedhug introduced the burrow blankets when they first saw their pet named Angel develop arthritis due to which it was unable to jump on beds.  Keeping the story of Angel in mind along with the other animals, the Bedhug started catering to their needs.

Animals have an ancient trait to burrow, which means they look for enclosed spaces where they feel protected. Pets like dogs often develop anxiety and cuddling is one of the ways to calm their nerves down. Hence, with the help of these comfortable pet bed covers, these instincts along with anxiety can be satisfied.

These burrow blankets come in a standardized size and can be easily used to cover the beds of your pets. It is highly important to keep your pet safe and sheltered and the pet bed cover serves this purpose efficiently. They can easily move into their beds which look like a den due to the burrow blankets and soothes the pet down, along with giving a feeling of safety.

Apart from making sure that the pets get the most comfortable bed, Bedhug ensures that they give back through giving a share of the earnings to pet shelters. Burrow blankets are a must have for your pet to make them feel at home.

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