How to Relate Feng-Shui and the Yin and Yang Theory

If you’re going to understand how the Yin and Yang theory applies to a Feng Shui home, you have to understand how the theory came into being to begin with. This all begins with the ancient Chinese values and beliefs. Their belief was that everything, including the planets, body, and trees were part of one system.

When they recognized that one system existed, no entity was considered superior. Each part depended on one another to exist in order to have harmony in life. Chinese people soon started believing that there were some differences between the heavens and this earth just as there were differences between men and women and day and night.

The whole Yin and Yang theory came from the awareness that while nature, people and other things have separate relationships, they also had a holistic relationship; you can’t have one without the other. The symbol of Yin and Yang was created from this and started representing the idea that there is always give and take in any relationship to keep both balance and harmony.

Translating the Yin and Yang theory to feng shui class online Home, two different yet interconnected energies are included in all things – energies known as Yin and Yang. The feminine force is called Yin, and Yang is the masculine force. These two opposing energies constantly play against each other creating energy and life for all.

If you’re wondering how this theory applies to Feng Shui House, read more to find how these two interconnected energies can be used in your day-to-day life: Yin is the feminine, passive force. Many forms of passive energy exist including stillness, quietness, and slow movements just like those that are used by certain martial arts forms. When you are sleeping or trying to relax, Yin is the predominant energy.

Yang is masculine and considered to be active energy. When you are active or being creative, Yang happens to be the predominant form of energy. With Feng-Shui Houses, the energy should flow harmonously. According to the theory of Yin and Yang, if you have more of the passive energy than active or vice versa, this creates an imbalance in energy. Feng-Shui cures and Feng-Shui tips can be used to help even out this energy imbalance.

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