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“Fees of the physician is too damn high”
“I am too shy to discuss my disease”
“It is not that serious”
”Don’t go to a doctor again just by the medicine that you were given before”
“Doctors are inefficient these days”
“Clinic is too far and I am too busy”

These are the most common statements going viral nowadays resulting in the most dangerous and fatal human behavior known as self medication.  Yes, you guessed it right.

“Medication taken on your own without the consultation of any physician or pharmacist is self medication”

This poison is being widespread owing to the availability of information about treatments for multiple diseases and because of the marketing of drugs, cheap and easy provision of drugs at pharmacies for which no subscription or reference is required.

As discussed earlier, the availability of information about the drugs on internet or advertisements being forecast all over the mass media instill in common people the factor of practicing self medication.

For example: Advertisements for low grade aspirins (dispirin) provoke consumers mainly belonging to under developed or uneducated localities to apply that “one” particular medication every time the person have same sign and symptoms no matter from what actually he is suffering from and for how long.

In the quality of human life , medical science plays an important role. Steps taken by medical science, to prevent human sufferings as the world is advancing, cannot be denied and it should be clearly mentioned that in the concrete building of medical science pharmacy acts as a basic, most health and financially rewarding block.

In different countries particularly in Pakistan there is a misconception about pharmacy and a pharmacists. People, here, assume that a dispensary at the end of the street  and the person running it is all that pharmacy is about. However, if we look at a broad perspective there is much more to it.

Pharmacy, basically is an art or science that deals with the preparation manufacturing, dosage form, and prescription of drugs that is used in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment. To be more exact pharmacy is a life saving profession.   Pharmacist’s role is from dispensing medication to monitoring patient’s health and making sure the minimum exposure of a patient to medicines and medicinal practices.

Majority of Pakistanis practice self medication. This is not at all surprising that its rate has reached up to 85% as it is easily possible to buy any drug without any advice or prescription. Thus, if we see at a broad canvas and educate our nation about how dreadful self medication could be and aware them about the role of faculty of pharmacy and the advisory role each pharmacist play in every individual’s life then this world would be a better place. Human body needs expert handling thus,  Proper facilities should be provided that encourage patients to ask advice and express themselves freely with the pharmacist. After all, “stitch in time saves nine”

Prove yourself as a responsible person and let others do their part. Your life is valuable. It has a meaning do not waste it and remember “Its never too late”.

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Benefits of Hearing Aids Online

It is a known fact that use of hearing aids is associated with wide range of benefits and advantages. If you are facing any kind of hearing issue then you can remove this problem with the help of hearing aids. These are designed to remove any kind of problem related to hearing process. The normal hearing is very important for a normal and good life. When you use the hearing aids then you can enjoy the normal hearing process. You can even hear the water running, howling of wind, door bells ringing and bird singing. The key benefits of hearing aids online are following:

  • Hearing aids help to perform job better
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  • It is also possible to engage in social gatherings through hearing aids
  • You will feel less tired and exhausted
  • They help to concentrate better
  • Help to enhance physical well being
  • Good mental health is possible
  • Best communication with family and friends

All these benefits stimulate to use the hearing aids for a long period of time. Today the hearing aids are easily available in the market for everyone n the world. You can also find hearing aids online.

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Get Special Blowflex Treadclimber Models for High Fitness

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