Planning to start burning fat and losing weight

What is more effective to lose weight: dieting or doing physical activity? Which exercises are the most appropriate? Is it true that muscle exercise does not work to lose weight and make you gain weight? These are some of the most common questions. But if you do not know the basic rules to lose weight, it is very easy to be disappointed to see that the results are not as obvious as it might seem at first. It is even usual that at the beginning of the training a little weight is gained, due to an increase in the muscles, or that during the first weeks the task in the gym causes the appetite to be aroused best weight loss supplements for women.

Performing physical activity regularly and eating fewer calories are the key elements to lose weight. The American College of Sports Medicine, the most prestigious scientific society in the field of health and physical exercise, recommends exercising three times a week to achieve between two and a half hours and three hours a week of physical activity.


The guidelines to follow to lose weight

The first thing you need to know to lose weight is to know which exercises are the most appropriate to do so. In this way, the work will be much more effective, faster and safer.

The American College of Sports Medicine emphasizes the importance of combining cardiovascular work of prolonged duration and moderate intensity with muscle exercises to promote the elimination of fats and increase basal metabolism.

Cardiovascular work is undoubtedly the most important to lose fat in the short term. In fact, it is what burns more calories by itself and studies show that it is the exercise that consumes more energy per unit of time thanks to its continuous nature. Between 45 minutes and one hour three times a week this type of exercise causes the fat to fade quickly. Running, cycling, dancing, there are many possibilities to do it. However, it is a common mistake to only perform this type of exercise: it must be combined with muscular training.


A muscular body burns more fats

Muscle work, stigmatized by those who say it helps to gain weight because of the fact that muscle weighs more than fat, is essential in training plans. You have to know that a toning job does not imply a big increase in the muscles, but that it activates it. As a result of this activation, the percentage of muscle mass is increased, which increases the metabolism of fats (even at rest), shapes the silhouette and manages to lose weight does not translate into losing physical strength. This training is essential to maintain a constant weight loss. The Body Pump, the D · Tono or the newly released Total Hiit activity are the best allies to say goodbye to calories.

It is very important to note that the amount of fat that can be lost in specific periods depends on the age, sex, initial weight, the specific body composition of each person and also their clinical and sports history. Each one has some goals and an ideal weight, which implies different parameters in each case. However, with a combined routine of cardiovascular work and toning, the results are assured in all cases.

Once the desired kilos have been lost and the body has been free of fats, it is necessary to continue doing a constant work so that the organism follows its correct functioning and rhythm of caloric consumption. Moreover, all studies indicate that progressing day by day, increasing the time devoted to exercise is the most effective measure to maintain the ideal weight in the long run.


Exercise and osteoporosis

In case there were no reasons, experts say that getting rid of extra kilos without exercising can increase the risk of osteoporosis. Losing weight as a result of decreasing calorie intake or too strict a diet could cause a reduction in bone mass, and the subsequent appearance of osteoporosis to the main bones of the body.

What most recent studies conclude is that exercise and a healthy diet are essential to control weight, giving priority to increase caloric intake through exercise.

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