7 natural ways to increase sexual appetite

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One study indicates that more than half of postmenopausal women experienced a significant decrease in sexual desire.

In addition to age (since less sexual desire is reported after age 50), other factors that affect the desire to have sex are stress, smoking and hormonal imbalance.

However, we have good news, because there are some tips you can follow to increase libido. Remember that sex is fundamental to lead a full life and we should not neglect this aspect of our life PhenQ review.


  1. Look at a picture of your partner.

Studies have revealed that when people look for 30 seconds at a photograph of a loved one, their brain generates dopamine, an enhancer of libido. This also works by admiring a photo of your favorite movie star.


  1. Stay fit and loses weight.

This tip is special for men, because although for health and general well-being, we all must take care of our weight; in men this has specific detrimental effects. It turns out that body fat inhibits the production of testosterone. Aerobic exercises are recommended so that the blood flow in the sexual organs is healthier and helps to awaken our sexual desire.


  1. Feed your sexual desire.

Some foods have the property of increasing our sexual desire, such as broccoli and raspberries. It is also important to avoid baked, processed and dairy foods; they are all killers of the human libido.


  1. To drink has been said.

Studies have shown that red wine consumers have a higher sexual desire than those who drink white wine. This does not mean that we should get drunk, simply that we consume in moderation. Scientists indicate that red wine has the property of accelerating blood flow and also its color helps awaken our senses. In fact, men and women react with greater sexual attraction towards someone dressed in red.


  1. Extreme activities.

Skydiving, watching a horror movie or attending a rally for the global economy can trigger people’s sexual desire. Studies show that by performing some more daring activity, to which you are accustomed, causes your heart to start pumping as if you were excited.


  1. Send messages.

Sending and receiving emails, text messages or a simple tweet can trigger people’s sexual desire. So do not wait any longer and send this note to the love of your lives.


  1. They smell.

Certain scents reveal the mood of the people; avoid essences of vanilla, musk and cinnamon. It is important to know that women’s sense of smell is more acute than men’s, especially when they are ovulating. Likewise, men seem to prefer smells like pumpkin pie and lavender, or a combination of them.