Adult Music Lessons

I once had a friend say to me that she would have loved to have learned to play an instrument when she was younger, but now “she’s not a kid anymore” and that “it’s just too late” for her to take adult music lessons.

My first reaction to her statement was how sad I felt for someone who has given up on the possibility of achieving something that she had wanted to when she was a child Bass Lessons. It appeared that the thought of taking adult music lessons was something that she considered to be absurd. Afterward, I considered the fact that with a full time job, three kids, a husband, a home to maintain, and several other constraints on her time and sanity, it may not be practical for her to consider taking music lessons. The next day, I called her regarding a thought that had suddenly occurred to me.

Now I’m fast-forwarding to the modern day! Two months ago, I had dinner with Janine and her family. It was the first time in over a year since I had seen them. After dinner, Janine said “I have a surprise for you!” She sat down at the piano and played her favorite song, “The Wind Beneath My Wings” for me.

She was far from sounding like a concert pianist, but she sounded good. She had command over the instrument, had memorized the song, and was smiling all the way through it. She thanked me immediately after she was finished performing. There are many advantages regarding downloads of adult music lessons. Here’s a few!

  1. You won’t be inconvenienced getting to another location at a specific time every week!
  2. You can watch and listen to a download (that will come straight to your computer) as often, and whenever you choose!
  3. Most series of downloads are less expensive than 2 music lessons that would be out of your way to get to!
  4. You can download lessons for any age and level that you choose to.

You can’t achieve what you give up on. The time is now and yours for the taking!

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