Custom shirts in digital printing

Although screen printing is the stamping technique most used in our workshop, today we are going to show you these personalized t shirts for women in digital printing so cool.

The digital printing is a method of high quality customized shirts that lets you play unlimited color all kinds of designs, and containing shadows, frames or degraded. Many t-shirts of music groups, films or designers are stamped by this technique, which although it is not the cheapest that we offer, the results are always brilliant.

In digital printing there is no possibility of using metallic inks as in textile screen printing, but as you can see you can achieve very well achieved effects of gold or silver inks.

For custom t-shirts at DTG we recommend choosing good quality garments, such as the Sols Regent shirt , our best-selling garment available in an incredible and varied range of colors. You will also find her in models for him, her and the little ones.

Other options that we recommend from our on-line catalog of t-shirts to print on digital printing :

  • Roly Dogo Premium t-shirt for them.
  • BC 150 Women t-shirt for them.
  • Gildan 150 t-shirt for them.
  • JHK Premium t-shirt for them.

The combo t-shirt of good quality is essential if you want to sell them.