How to Maintain Aquarium Fish Tanks

Giving proper care for aquarium fish tanks is not really difficult. Although you have to clean your tank on a regular basis, it’s not something that you would have to clean every single day. In addition to that, if we are going to compare the fish with other pets, it requires very little of your time and attention. However, keep in mind that when we talk about aquariums, saltwater or freshwater fish, some maintenance is crucial especially if you want to keep a healthy environment for your fish.

Your biggest task in caring for your fish is changing the tank water. It doesn’t matter how effective and advanced your filter is, the truth is it cannot haul out all waste materials that build up. When you see that the water is cloudy or somewhat yellowish, this is your signal that you are past due for a water change. Dirty and soiled water can lead to illness and growth problems in all saltwater and freshwater fish so it’s very important to set a regular cleaning schedule.

One of the most common mistakes that owners make with their aquarium fish tanks is leaving the light on for 24 hours a day. If you do not have any live plants in your tank, you really don’t need lights on. Yes it’s fine to turn the light on while you’re feeding your fish or while you’re observe them from time to time but leaving the light on for several hours will cause algae to overgrow. If you want to clean the aquarium light, it’s important to unplug the light first. Take off the light fixture and casing from the tank and then use an algae scraper or mitt to remove debris and algae. You have to wipe down lights at least once every 3 weeks depending on algae build up.

With regard to your aquarium fish tank’s cover, you can clean it whenever necessary. What about filters? The best time to clean or change filters is while you’re changing the water. This way, the debris that has accumulated can be cleansed with water. Some filters only need to be cleansed once every month. You are not supposed to clean your filters using household cleaners or hot water.

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