Instagram: From successful leader to helpless followers


October 2010, Instagram online App Store, quickly became the most popular picture taking and sharing applications. Instagram’s success opportune occupy multiple factors.

First, instagram will be simple, high quality, efficient core elements of the app to make full use of them, although pictures, share, filter, and point Like Comments are not its first, but the selection of the filter section 11, a square uniform composition, a Share key to mainstream social platforms together can allow users to very quickly take out a literary and beautiful photos and share it with their friends. Especially today has not changed any natural filters allow 11 models “Lomo” camera to take pictures of the traditional way of completely digital. Even now just a photo processing app which can be found in hundreds of filters, I still use instagram to deal with, for the simple reason, 11 has been completely enough, why the needle in the haystack to choose from among a few thousand filters effects summoned up the courage yet. buy real instagram likes

Secondly, Instagram launched the timing coincided with the rapid rise of the App Store, users need this new, convenient and very “mobile Internet” applications. Phone camera capabilities and more, traditional card camera gradually eliminated from the market. Many app also explore how to take advantage of increasingly powerful mobile devices and the Internet to do more things, such as Photoshop will move up the phone and tablet – it proved to be the wrong way. At that time, the emergence of tipping Instagram, rapid accumulation of a large number of users. So if Instagram does not release out at that time, there might still be an additional application to do what it has done. It’s like 911 achievements BlackBerry as: “Do you think that you have created the era, the era is actually created you.” You can also buy instagram comments here.

It’s all happened before Facebook acquired Instagram.

April 2012 Facebook announced cash + shares, totaling $ 1 billion bid to acquire Instagram. Facebook There must buy the truth, Instagram must have a reason to sell. Mark Zuckerberg promised “Instagram will operate independently”, Instagram began his round of new business and new features to try.