Massage Chairs Let You Choose Your Treatment

I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I see a masseuse it’s hard to get the exact massage I need. You try to explain what you want get it doesn’t quite do the trick. This is one of the best things I like about my massage chair. I can simply choose the features to activate, the strength and the area to be covered precisely.

I’ve had to try to tell my massage therapist on many occasions exactly what I would like a little deeper pressure or little more to the right and now little more to the left. With all the explanation, it is hard to relax. I with dot I really wish I could do it telepathically.

Then if I am really lucky, the therapist will actually hit the spot. Other times they just seem to miss it or do not provide deep enough penetration to relieve it. Sometimes it seems they might be too tired to really put in the extra effort.

This is another thing I like about my massage chair is that it does not get tired. I can make it do the same motion over and over and it will not complain. Furthermore, I do not have to explain it in detail what I want. I just push the buttons and let the chair do the work.

The other challenge I have with seen a massage therapist is that they always seem to be changing. I find one that I like and in just a few months I am now stuck with somebody else. I then have to retrain my massage therapist to be more effective for me.

My massage chair on the other hand, I have to train it once. Once I understand the remote control, believe me I can figure out the rest. I then know what buttons to push to relieve my aches and pains without explanation.

The other limited that I find with a massage therapist is there range of techniques. Generally, they have studied one type of massage treatment. This is performed as a full body massage. Many times it does not effectively treat specific areas where I need attention.

This is another thing that I like about my massage chair is that it comes with hundreds of varieties and variations of the most popular massage techniques. I can get a variety of techniques anytime I choose and I am not dependent on the new masseuse knowing these techniques.

Since I seem to be changing massage therapists frequently, I sometimes also have to change locations in appointment times. This can be a bit tough and many times I’ve forgo my regular massage treatment because of my busy schedule.

With my massage chair, it is always available 24 hours a day. It is not a question of the massage chair having time for me, but instead is do I have time for it. I can choose the duration of the massage with the massage chair. I can get a five, 15 or 30 minute massage when I need it.

Now of course there are many benefits to using a good massage therapist when you have one. The touch of a human hand will always have a special place for us humans. However, many times not having a human president leads to greater privacy, calmness and deeper relaxation.

These are just a few of the things that I like about a massage chair as opposed to a massage therapist. I love the consistency and reliability of my massage chair. It is easier for me to relax more thoroughly in the comfort of my massage chair recliner.

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