The 6 keys to improving female sexual health

Sexual health is affected by various day-to-day factors. Stress, the pace of life, anxiety, poor diet or lack of sleep influence more than you usually think of female sexual health. To combat its negative effects there are certain guidelines that will help you to live better and enjoy more Nugenix free trial, making your relationships more comfortable and pleasurable . In addition, these tips will improve your libido, help reduce your vaginal dryness and treat other discomforts that affect sexual health. The pharmaceutical laboratory Procare Health has developed this list of tips to improve our intimate health.


  1. Know yourself well.

The self-knowledge of the woman’s body is the basis for the personal care of sexual health. Thus, the exploration is the previous step not only to understand how the body works, but to detect small injuries or conditions that may affect the development of your sexual relationships by causing discomfort or even pain.


  1. Intimate care.

Health is directly related to intimate hygiene, so it is advisable to follow certain guidelines of daily hygiene. In addition to the frequency and type of soap used (better liquid or foam, with pH adapted and without parabens) it is important to remember that it is preferable to wear cotton underwear . Changing clothes whenever they are wet or avoid those that are too tight and promote sweating will also help maintain proper intimate hygiene.


  1. Eat well, to feel better.

A healthy diet is essential not only for day to day, but for sexual health. A low-protein diet will reduce testosterone levels, a key element in female sexual desire, causing a decrease in libido and vaginal dryness making sexual intercourse painful. In addition, the absence of vitamins and minerals causes fatigue and fatigue, negatively affecting relationships.


  1. Sleep properly.

Like eating, sleeping the necessary hours and with an optimal quality of sleep will make all day-to-day activities perform better, also improving the sexual response. To achieve this, it is necessary to sleep at least eight hours.


  1. Practice sports.

Another healthy habit that will help improve intimate life is the practice of some physical activity. Yoga, pilates, swimming, running or some type of dance are some of the most conducive. In addition to improving physical capacity, sport helps to achieve a better functioning of the cardiovascular system, increasing blood flow in the clitoris, strengthening the pelvic floor and helping to relax.



  1. Relax to escape stress and anxiety.

The stress caused by the day-to-day frantic activity causes the body to produce cortisol, the so-called stress hormone, which affects testosterone levels and causes them to be lower, something that, as we have already mentioned, can cause sexual inappropriacy . Therefore, it is very important to find free time to devote to your own well-being, helping, in addition, to improve self-esteem.