Cordless Phone

In 1993 Siemens developed the world’s first digital cordless phone, the same year founded the Siemens “Gigaset” brand to develop a digital cordless telephone business. 2011 officially changed its name to Siemens telephone Gigaset. So far, “Gigaset” brand has sold more than 150 million digital cordless phones in 69 countries worldwide, is the world’s leading brand in the field of telephone. Engenius Durafon

Cordless telephone is a way to enter the PSTN duplex wireless mobile phone device. It consists of a connection to the PSTN subscriber line base unit and one or more hand-held cordless telephones constitute, within limits to complete the ordinary telephone functions. Development is the basis of public cordless telephone local call, in the 1970’s, when the economy was developed PSTN has been very popular, almost every household installed electronic ordinary telephones, telephone to solve the daily life and work of the people has become habit. But the telephone use a two-wire telephone line connected to the telephone office, telephone landline but also with a four-core cable is connected to the handle is equipped with a microphone headset. Thus, the telephone is limited and cannot move. For this reason, people in the other room a parallel extension to resolve the issue cannot move freely. But if people want to feel free to call in outdoor activities has become a major problem. Driven by this demand, a new way of mobile calls generated between the handle and equipped with a microphone headset telephone landline telephones connected by radio waves – cordless telephones have come into being.

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