Open Kitchens: Ideas and Tips Taking the Heart of Your Home to a New Level!

Open kitchens are a trend that is increasingly used in modern homes. Kitchens are no longer thought of as isolated spaces, but as the place where everything comes together bathroom remodel Waukesha. Various moments are shared in it, and that is why its design also contemplates integrating all possible activities.

Opening this environment is a concept that is not only considered when remodeling small kitchens, but also in family homes where space is also an important factor. Therefore, the kitchen opens to the living-dining room and generates a more versatile social area with multiple uses , thus becoming the heart of the home!

If you are a lover of modern kitchens, you should know everything about this type of design! In this article you will find a complete guide to open kitchens: what they are; what are its features and advantages; and tips for designing them.

Discover modern open kitchens and bring them to the heart of your home!

What are open kitchens?
Open kitchens are a modern design option that unifies the kitchen space with other areas of the home. These are spacious spaces and, furthermore, they are an opportunity to generate bright, light and welcoming atmospheres.

This type of modern kitchen design goes beyond the intention of optimizing spaces. Associated with the open concept housing model , which seeks to break down the barriers that separate each environment, it also seeks to encourage sharing with the rest of the family while each one does their homework, strengthening ties and avoiding isolation.

What are its advantages?
Open kitchens offer different benefits. Some of them are:

  • They provide a greater feeling of space, visual continuity and luminosity , very similar to that offered by the design of white kitchens .
  • Having extra space makes food preparation and storage easier . They are also very practical if you have a large family.
  • They encourage communication and social interaction , which makes them perfect for organizing gatherings with family and friends. While you prepare the snacks for the guests, you won’t miss anything that happens!
  • They allow a better distribution of space , so that an island or bar can become a surface for cooking and eating, or even a work area.
  • The problem of high temperatures in the kitchen is solved with this design, since it promotes better air circulation.

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