Serigraphy. 5 Tips for printing with water-based inks when it’s hot

I bought theTexprint Mono ink for screen printing. The problem is that, after a couple of prints, the others start to come out faded, the color dries on the frame: do you have any advice? I imagine the color dries because it’s so hot silk screen printing.


Allwater based inksfor screen printing they tend to dry on the frame, covering the meshes.

Summer temperatures make this problem even more annoying. Fortunately, there are remedies that allow us to print in the same way, and they are the following:

– Use low thread frames: in summer 43 threads allow printing more comfortably than 55 threads. In any case, 55 threads is the maximum limit to prevent printing from becoming really problematic.

– By adding a few drops of water, bring the ink to the necessary viscosity: if it is too dense it dries even faster

– Adding toTexprint Jumpsuitup to 5%Texprint Retardant Gel: without making the ink too fluid, this delays drying a bit. Attention: in this case the drying and polymerization on the shirt will also be delayed; We must wait longer before washing the garment, adding Universal Catalyst to the Texprint ink, or heating the print, even just with the iron.

– Print at a fairly fast pace: the squeegeeshould cause the ink to move almost constantly in the hoop

– In the return movement of the squeegee, bring a layer of ink of about 2-3 mm to the area of ​​the frame covered by the design.

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